Having a great time even in the heat!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey y'all

We are in New York right now. Sorry it's been a while! Didn't have internet for a while then when I did get it I was far to tired to update the blog. So I'll do that some time later today. We got to the Kennedy Airport yesterday and our flight to Cleveland was cancelled.  So we stayed at 5 town motel last night. Patricia Forde is a fabulous lady! She works for delta. We were supposed to get our checked bags tonight at 5, 2 hours after we got back. Patricia got our bags there before us and. Found us to tell us and ask how we slept! Lovely lady.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


This morning we went to the flee market. ( I found it boring) it was super hot in there. People found some nice things for good prices. It was "authentic Taiwan" as Laura would describe it. Fay ( one of our translators took me, Eilish and Abby to this place where they made yummy dumplings. It was really good! Fay is such a sweetheart. 
After the flee market we headed to an orphanage!  Hung out with the kids and played some games. Then we headed outside and played with water balloons! I didn't take pictures because I could not post them to protect the kids. It was so much fun:) Laura brought Blaze, her miniature horse And the horse shared the gospel! Haha. We went to a buffet after. It was yummy in my tummy! 


This morning we went to sun moon lake and we handed out bibles. It was really cool. There were some difficulties with language barriers, but our problems were few. We split into 3 groups. One group prayed, one group passed out bibles and the other group had free time. We switched every hour. I prayed first. We walked around and just prayed. It was pretty cool. Then my group passed out bibles. It was hard to do it because we don't  speak Chinese. But Fay, Rita, Anna, and Daniel helped translate when needed. We passed out a lot of bibles!

Abby-passing out bibles was such an awesome experience. It was so fulfilling to know that 98% of the people that we were handing bibles out to had never even had access to the living word of God. It was wonderful to be used as God's hands to deliver his word to the people visiting Sun Moon Lake. :)

We did a little shopping after then went to lunch. After lunch we headed back to Lebanon. All the girls changed into nicer clothes but apparently the guys weren't informed because they were all still matching (besides Jeff who took a dive on the roof into a puddle and hurt his hip). We headed to the church that we did our program at. He people were so inviting there. We had dinner together, which the people there made for us... Most of it was okay. We then started the service. 
It was outstanding! Abby, Ellen and Emily shared their testimony. We did the Set Me free skit and Everything skit. They both seemed to really touch people. People were crying during both. Worship was indescribable. People were so into i t. It was an anointed time. Over 126 people came to Christ. 
What was truly amazing is that Mark and Laura's connection with this church was from several years ago. Mark was hurt while playing basketball and had to have surgery. While in the hospital he meet the pastor of the church once. He said if you ever need anything or want to get together let us know! It turned out that this horrible inconvenience to Mark and his family was an amazing blessing. 

The girls really had toupee...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 20th

We went back to the university today but we held our program in a different place. There were quit a few people as you can see! It was a lot of fun!! Cooper and I shared our testimonies today. ( happy to have done it. So many people thanked me for sharing my story) The crowd was energetic! We split into groups of two after and talked and made bracelets.

20th pictures

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The 19th

Went to a university today! We set up the stage, which was awesome! We thought we were going to be outside all day and we ended up being in an air conditioned auditorium! Then we split up into classrooms. 

I went with Eilish, Cathrin and Braylee. Haha  they asked Eilish to dance so her and Braylee did the suitcase's dance. Then we all did the Cupid shuffle! 

Yo dawgs. It's syd! At the university I went to a freshman English class with Dylan, Nate, Gavin and our new BFF Anna.(our little translator, mark and Laura's daughter)  Nate was the only one with a working PowerPoint so we went through that then talk with the students about America and what we think about Taiwan. We were joking around with them and of course all of the girls thought the three boys were too cute. It was fun talking with them and one even asked why we believe in God! I like to think our answer made a difference because one of the girls in our class was one of the students who accepted The Lord later that day! Thanks y'all! ;)

After we went to the classrooms we came back and we ate. The food we nice! They set it up in a buffet style.  Then we started! 
-group pairs and questions 
The dancing was funny! We did some American line dances and they taught us some Taiwanese dances. 
-we heard from different Asian teaches of different cultures.  
Then we packed up and got steak!!!!! So so good to have some American food. 
Mommy and daddy (Chris if he can come) please have some five guys for me or something when I get back! Hahah miss American food!!!

The 17th

I couldn't describe all the pictures. It wouldn't let me. Puli it was an interesting day.We went on a prayer walk and got to see some of the town and pray for things as we walked.   Nikki got supper dehydrated and couldn't sing after we set up. Non of the sound equipment was working and it was so so hot. We put this program on at the church and kids from a near by school came and hung out. We ate and talked to them. We did our program as usual. We did games and songs. Gavin shared his testimony( he was really nervous but he really did do an amazing job). We did the set me free skit. We got really into the worship. It was awesome. Nikki was feeling better at the end. Praise God! As Keith would say. All in all good day!